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World Architecture Festival is the world's largest festival dedicated to celebrating and sharing architectural excellence from across the globe.

New for 2020, WAFVirtual promises to be the world’s must-attend virtual architecture festival. Taking place from the 30 November – 4 December, it will consist of panel discussions, special WAF prizes, networking events and talks. WAFVirtual will bring together the global architecture community at a crucial time.

Isolation transformed  - global design competition
Deny Jones Architekt & Amathabito

That´s what the jury tells:

"This project fully answers the challenge of the competition with a genuine transformation of isolation. It does so by imaginatively tackling a neglected and even unpromising topic for architecture: the huge rates deaths from Covid in care home round the world. Inspiration is taken from the relationship between boats and jetties; living units are prefabricated in timber to generous dimensions deriving from the logistics of transporting them to site. The presentation is elegant and beautifully drawn; and the proposal would make a great place to live with or without Covid." 


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